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Addressing the Global Orphan & Vulnerable Children Crisis: What Allies Need to Know


Join the Child Welfare Student Association for an informational presentation and dialogue regarding global issues within child and family welfare systems, as well as wellbeing on a global and micro scale. The event will discuss the varying dynamics of the orphan/ vulnerable child crisis in regions around the world, and how communities and governments are responding. The primary focus will be on the protection of vulnerable children, particularly those who are not cared for in family/home-like environments. The goal of the event is to raise awareness of the following:

  1. the status, nuances, causes and ongoing contributions to the “global orphan crisis”
  2. ways appropriate developmental responses differ among regions and circumstances
  3. current research on social and developmental outcomes for children raised in institutionalized care
  4. an overview of the work that is currently being done in systemic reform, and the direction of the movement to strengthen family preservation and deinstitutionalization where applicable.

This hybrid event is open to all UM students and faculty. Individual boxed dinners will be provided for the first 20 registrants attending in-person ; however, registration to attend via Zoom will remain open up to the time of the event.

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