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ENGAGE: Poverty doesn't Pause: Housing Insecurity during a Pandemic


Homelessness and housing insecurity is an epidemic in our country, especially among Black and other communities of color. During a pandemic, these individuals end up being our most vulnerable. Linked to so many other systems of oppression, homelessness and housing insecurity is something as social workers that we are obligated to understand. Join us for this special virtual discussion featuring panelists who work on the frontline of Detroit’s housing insecurity to discuss how this issue has been exacerbated during the pandemic. Featured panelists include Lead Mobility Coach of Creating Opportunities to Succeed (COTS), Project Manager and Community Improvement Advisor for Built for Zero Nationals, Amber Elliott; and Courtney Smith, Executive Director of Detroit Phoenix Center.

Field credit is offered to students attending this session. Students should check with their field faculty supervisors for more information.

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