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ENGAGE: Defunding the Police in our Detroit Public Schools


From the school to prison pipeline, Black children - and black boys in particular - are punished more harshly, expelled more often, and isolated more frequently than their peers for similar behavior as White students. This affects academic outcomes and achievement, socioeconomic mobility, and shapes one’s sense of self. When teachers, administrators and peers are all affected and shaped by implicit bias because they live in a racist society, how do we expect our institutions to function impartially and fairly? This virtual discussion focuses on the permeation of police officers in our public schools - specifically our majority Black student schools, and how we've effectively created a pathway for Black children from the classroom to the prison.

Special guests include native Detroit, scholar, and expert on Criminal Justice, assistant professor in the Department of Criminal Justice Science in the College of Applied Science and Technology in Illinois State University, Dr. Charles Bell. Other panelists include organizers of 482forward who have led the campaign to defund the police in public schools.

Field credit is offered to students attending this session. Students should check with their field faculty supervisors for more information.

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