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Non-Violent Communication: Restorative Practice in Conflict Mediation Series


In this workshop series, Carrie Landrum, Assistant Director of the Office of Student Conflict Resolution, and Dillon Cathro, MSW'19 candidate, will be exploring a very helpful communication technique that many facilitators, counselors, and educators find invaluable: the Non-Violent Communication (NVC) process developed by Marshall Rosenberg. We will also be exploring intercultural conflict styles to normalize and legitimize the many varied ways that humans may engage through conflict.  As social workers, we may unconsciously impose our cultural norms on others when we ask that others engage in ways that we believe to be superior or "best." To ensure we engage with others non-violently, these sessions will encourage social work students to recognize the ways in which we may unconsciously be imposing dominant norms on others, and give students the skills needed to mitigate those unconscious biases, in the midst of conflict. Lunch will be provided.

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