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Undergraduate Foundation Topics in Social Work and Social Change

SW300, Section 101

This course is taught by various faculty. Each version of the course has its own subtitle, some being offered one time only while others are repeated. These courses are open to undergraduates at all levels. Some topics may be closed to CASC students. If you have questions about a course, please contact the CASC office at

Topic Description / Additional Information

This course explores the relationship between sports and social change. Sports have played an avid role in the development of community and identity across the world. This course will examine a range of topics aimed at helping students understand the history, issues, and roles of sports and athletic departments in social change work. Topics covered in this course will include examining the history of sports, social change and social work; reviewing the landscape of national governing bodies and regulations in youth, collegiate and professional sports; identifying the roles of change agents within athletic and sport contexts, including fundraising, administration, leadership and development; and discussing critical issues in social change and sports such as mental health, social media, and activism. Throughout this course, students will examine social work values and ethics as well as issues of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, age, religion, and ability as these relate to macro, mezzo and micro levels of practice. Email for additional questions and inquiries.

Alert: Course Cancelled
Semester: Spring 2022
Instructor: Abigail H. Eiler
Topic: Community Action & Social Change in Sports
U-M Class #: 53029
Time: Tu/Th 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Location: TBA
Program Type: Residential
Format: In-Person
Credits: 3 Credit Hours

Course Codes

J:Undergraduate course-MSW students are not to enroll

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