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Trauma Basics

SW540, Section 001

The course will provide basic foundational knowledge from trauma research and practitioners’ expertise about the adverse cognitive, social-emotional, behavioral, and health outcomes on children and youth who experience trauma. The course will incorporate principles of interprofessional education, which focuses on helping students in the professions work collaboratively in generalist and specialty practice roles. Students will prepare for interprofessional and team-based approaches to prevention and intervention strategies in schools and others systems that serve children and families. A key focus will be applying new knowledge about trauma to better perceive trauma’s effects on children in the school setting and to develop strategies to assess their trauma-related needs, making use of teacher, social worker, and nurse roles.

Topic Description / Additional Information

Social Work students should only enroll in SW 540
Education students should only enroll in EDUC 540
Nursing students should only enroll in HS 540
Even if it appears there is space students enrolling in the course outside of their home school may be dropped from the course.

This is a hybrid course which means that you will have a combination of web-based class sessions and face to face class sessions. All pre-learning work must be complete prior to the required in person workshop on July 18 (meets NIB 1000).
Outside of Class pre-learning Work begins: 6/15/20
All Day in-person workshop at North Ingalls building: 7/18/20
Outside of Class post-work final assignment: 7/26/20

Semester: Spring / Summer 2020
Instructor: Sara F. Stein
U-M Class #: 63779
Time: TBA
Location: TBA
Program Type: Residential
Credits: 1 Credit Hours

Course Codes

X:Social Work is the home department of this course
H:Hybrid - a combination of web-based and face to face in person sessions

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