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Topics in Social Work

SW513, Section 003

This course is taught by various members of the program faculty. Each version of the course has its own subtitle, some being offered one time only while others are repeated and may evolve into regular courses with their own course number and title.

Topic Description / Additional Information

This composition workshop-style course is a generative laboratory to make rigorous, experimental works that open reflection on socio-political issues. Our seminar involves: a study of other artists' work and ways they engage with wide-ranging political matter through performance, animation, sculpture and other media; an embodied exploration of compositional elements at different sites in the Residential College and U-M's campus; and creative assignments that employ various methods to interrogate sociopolitical material of your own choosing. We'll be examining the immediate, present, and personal relationship of the body to performance in a very expansive way, studying William Kentridge's stop-gap animation, Diego Rivera's Detroit Industry murals, and Maya Lin's Vietnam Memorial, for example, alongside more traditional understandings of performance in theater, dance and film. Questioning assumptions of performance, genre, audience and politics will form an important part of our work in this interdisciplinary class, as will a detailed examination of compositional elements common to multiple art forms. We will gain practice and experience with different approaches to making performance and different ways to deploy compositional tools, depending on your objectives. No previous experience in performance or socio-political action necessary, and all bodies, abilities, and backgrounds are actively welcome on this journey; experimentation, adaptation and play with formats and tools that may be new to you will be encouraged. The course will culminate in a public showing of original student work.
Note: Thursday evening 7-10pm is an optional screening time for watching the films, documentaries, and videos of live performances we'll be studying (most of which are not available via online streaming). If you are not able to join us on Thursday nights, the videos will otherwise be on reserve at the Askwith Media Center for viewing during Askwith hours.

Semester: Winter 2018
Instructor: Eryn L. Rosenthal
Topic: Personal, Present, and Immediate: Making Performance on Socio-Political Questions
U-M Class #: 34498
Time: Tue 2:00 PM - 5:00 PM
Location: EQB804
This course is not taught within the SSW building.
Program Type: Residential
Credits: 3-4 Credit Hours

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