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Social Work Practice with Children and Youth

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SW696, Section 001

This advanced level methods course in the Children and Youth in Families and Societies concentration builds upon the foundation level practice methods course and prepares students for employment in the many human service delivery systems which address the needs of children, youth, and their families. This cross-cutting skills course encompasses both direct/micro (i.e., assessment, intervention, prevention) and mezzo and macro (program design, evaluation, administration, community organization, policy analysis) practice methods used to address problems presented by or to children and youth in a variety of contexts. The development of social work skills, values, and ethics applicable to promotion, prevention, intervention, remediation and social rehabilitation activities with diverse child and youth populations at all levels of intervention will be emphasized. Evidence-based change interventions that build on strengths and resources of children and their families at all levels of intervention will be examined in order to develop socially just and culturally-competent policies and practice. This course will address the key diversity dimensions (include list) as it relates to children, youth and their families.

Semester: Fall 2020
Instructor: Tammie B. Glenn
Category: CY Methods
U-M Class #: 16810
Program Type: Residential
Format: Hybrid Gp B
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Credits: 3 Credit Hours

Course Codes

H:Hybrid - a combination of web-based and face to face in person sessions

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