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Social Work Practice in Mental Health

SW698, Section 001

This course teaches practice models and methods of intervention for effective social work practice in mental health care, including the promotion of mental health, the prevention of mental illnesses, and the delivery of psychosocial treatment and rehabilitation services. A major focus is on enabling individuals with mental health problems to increase their functioning in the least restrictive environments, with the least amount of ongoing professional intervention, so these individuals maximize their success and satisfaction. This course has a specific emphasis on services to individuals who suffer from severe and persistent mental illness, substance abuse, and/or who are recovering from the effects of severe traumatic events. Interventions relevant to these conditions help individuals develop/restore their skills and empower them to modify their environments so as to improve their interactions with their environments. Culturally competent and gender-specific interventions are a major emphasis of the course, as are special mental health issues for groups who have been subject to oppression. Special attention will be devoted to evidence-based treatments for mental health problems.

Semester: Fall 2020
Instructor: Tammie B. Glenn
Category: MHLTH Methods
U-M Class #: 34523
Time: Tue 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Location: 1840 ECC
Program Type: Residential
Format: Hybrid Gp B
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Credits: 3 Credit Hours

Course Codes

H:Hybrid - a combination of web-based and face to face in person sessions

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