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These courses may have been taken by previous Social Work students or may have been identified as of possible interest to Social Work students. Some courses may be restricted and/or not open to Social Work students. There are many other courses not listed offered elsewhere in the university that may be of interest. Interest in courses numbered below 500 should be checked for graduate level status since many are only offered for undergraduate credit. You can check this by contacting the department offering the course or contacting the SSW Registrar.

The information may not be up to date or complete. Please seek additional information from the department where the course is offered and from the instructors of the course. We strongly recommend you discuss your plans to take outside courses with your advisor to make sure they are a good fit for your educational program.

Perspectives in Global Health NURS 421

School: Nursing
Credits: 2
Course Description: Interdisciplinary clinically focused elective course. Explores issues that directly or indirectly affect health in low and middle resource countries. Students will travel to a supervised international site for an introduction to the health care delivery system of the country focused on the global/public health concepts of health promotion and risk reduction. Purpose is to broaden the student's worldview and global perspectives of health care issues. Emphasis is on health equity among nations and for all people.


SectionInstructorDaysLocationU-M Class #
001Tschannen, Dana Jolene-2000 426NIB33359

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