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Integrated Health Scholar Seminar 2

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SW632, Section 001

This integrative seminar is for Integrated Health Scholar students who are in their final term semester of their MSW program. The course focuses on critical evaluation and application of cumulative theory, research, policy, field experience and integrated health practice skills learned over the course of their Integrated Health Scholars program in preparation for application in integrated health Social Work practice. Content and assignments will focus on connecting various domains of learning to final demonstration project(s).

Semester: Fall 2022
Instructor: Debra K. Mattison
U-M Class #: 31164
Program Type: Residential
Format: In-Person
Credits: 1 Credit Hours

Pathway Associations

Community Change
Interpersonal PracticeElective
Mgmt & Leadership
Policy & Political
Program Evaluation
Older Adults
Children & Families

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