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Gender-Based Violence: Community, System, and Policy Responses in the Global Context

SW758, Section 001

This course will examine theories, social policies and services, social movements, activism and research concerning gender-based violence, and domestic violence (intimate partner violence) in particular. While focusing on domestic violence, the course will address other forms of gender-based violence through an ongoing analysis of interlocking systems of oppression, power and control.

This course is an integrative seminar designed to help students strengthen their critical analysis skills and integrate their knowledge and skills at micro, mezzo, and macro levels. The course encourages the application of these knowledge skills to various levels of practice aimed at ending domestic violence and other forms of gender-based violence, especially social change activities through policy advocacy and community organizing.

Semester: Winter 2023
Instructor: Mieko Yoshihama
U-M Class #: 31748
Time: Thu 2:00 PM - 5:00 PM
Location: 1636 SSWB
Program Type: Residential
Format: Hybrid
Credits: 3 Credit Hours

Pathway Associations

Community ChangeElective (Host)
Interpersonal Practice
Mgmt & Leadership
Policy & PoliticalElective
Program Evaluation
Older Adults
Children & Families

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