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Foundation Topics in Social Work

SW503, Section 001

This course is taught by various members of the program faculty. Each version of the course has its own subtitle, some being offered one time only while others are repeated and may evolve into regular courses with their own course number and title. This is an appropriate selection for upper-level undergraduate students.

Topic Description / Additional Information


Patient- and Family-Centered Care is an approach that emphasizes collaborative decision-making among patients, families, and providers for the planning, delivery, and evaluation of healthcare. It posits that healthcare providers can make a more positive impact if they understand their patients’ values, strengths, culture, traditions, and goals. While common oral diseases are largely preventable, they require engaging in an array of self-care behaviors; oral healthcare professionals therefore go beyond the technical aspects of an office visit when they engage patients in discussions about health behaviors such as nutrition, oral hygiene self-care, and tobacco use. In this course, academic information about health disparities, population health, and cultural influences on health will be woven together with patient- and family-centered communication skills applicable in dental settings. Students will obtain tailored preparation for their senior year clinical outreach placement, and, upon return, will be guided through a process of reflection that supports integration of the new knowledge gained in the field.

Semester: Fall 2018
Instructor: Adrienne L. Lapidos
Topic: Skills for Patient - and Family-Centered Care with Diverse Populations
U-M Class #: 26550
Time: Mon 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM
Location: DENTG550
This course is not taught within the SSW building.
Program Type: Residential
Credits: 1-3 Credit Hours

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