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Families and Health (Public Health)

SW727, Section 001

This course examines families as a primary context for understanding health and health-related behaviors. Major topics include: 1) substantive and ethical overview of families and health, 2) historical perspectives on the family, 3) demographic trends in family structure, 4) family diversity with respect to social class, race/ethnicity and culture, and sexual orientation and their implications for understanding health phenomena and family models and theories, 5) families as the context for socialization to health beliefs and practices, 6) the provision of family-based care, 7) health profiles of family members and family roles, and 8) family-based skills, programs, and practice concepts.

Semester: Fall 2022
Instructor: Linda M. Chatters
U-M Class #: 29976
Time: Thu 2:30 PM - 5:30 PM
Location: SPH21122
This course is not taught within the SSW building.
Program Type: Residential
Format: In-Person
Credits: 3 Credit Hours

Course Codes

W:Social Work is not the home dept; home dept in parenthesis, contact home dept with questions

Pathway Associations

Community Change
Interpersonal PracticeElective (Host)
Mgmt & Leadership
Policy & Political
Program Evaluation
Older Adults
Children & FamiliesElective

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