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Environmental Justice Grassroots Community Organizing in Detroit for Changing Times

SW312, Section 001

This course looks at movements, resistance, resilience, and liberation. Community Organizing is growing as an academic field, especially as it relates to urban studies. A growing body of evidence reveals that people of color and low-income persons have borne greater environmental and health risks than society at large in their neighborhood, workplace, and playgrounds. Over the last decade, grassroots activists have attempted to change the way governments implement environmental and health laws. Grassroots groups have organized, educated, and empowered themselves to improve the way government regulations and environmental policies are administered.

In a class setting, we will connect history, current events, and real-life experiences to local organizing and movement struggles that build power for our communities. These courses will utilize highly interactive popular education methods where participants share political analysis, learn facilitation and organizing skills, and think together about long-term, transformative strategies to build environmental, racial, and economic justice.

It is critical for organizers, activists, scholars, and community members to come together, connect our work with each other, share our experiences and place our local organizing within a larger historical and political context. We can build deep and strong social movements that act strategically and collectively over the long term.

Semester: Spring 2021
Instructor: Diana W. Seales
U-M Class #: 53415
Time: Mo/We 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM
Program Type: Residential
Format: Online
Credits: 3 Credit Hours

Course Codes

J:Undergraduate course-MSW students are not to enroll
X:Social Work is the home department of this course

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