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Family Violence Prevention and Intervention


Subject: Social Work
Credits: 3
Prerequesites: SW 521 and SW 560
Applies To & Method Type: Elective, Methods
Faculty Approval Date: 12/06/2006

Course Description

The focus of this course is on the methods of prevention, intervention and social change used to address and end the major forms of family violence. "Family" is defined broadly to include any intimate relationship. The course will provide overviews of the risk factors and traumatic effects of family violence. There will be an emphasis placed on the special needs of oppressed groups. Most family violence organizations work on multiple levels, such as macro, mezzo, and micro levels, and they frequently come into contact with a variety of fields of service, primarily the legal, health and mental health, housing, public assistance, and child welfare systems. Therefore, models of inter-system and inter-disciplinary coordination will be presented. Illustrations of the integration of micro, mezzo, and macro practice will be given, in particular how dimensions of power, privilege, oppression, and difference influence actions, perceptions, choices and consequences across system levels. The understanding and critical evaluation of theories, policies, organizations, and interventions using scientific principles will be stressed.

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