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Advanced Topics in Interpersonal Practice

SW790, Section 002

This course presents advanced topics in interpersonal practice. The topics may include emerging practice methods, advanced application of methods covered in other required methods courses, and applications of methods in specific populations.

Topic Description / Additional Information

Although social workers receive training in interviewing children, generally this training is inconsistent with forensic practice. There is an emerging body of research about how to elicit accurate narratives from children, which is a main goal of forensic interviewing. This research includes analogue studies and studies of children reported as possible victims of abuse.

This mini-course will critically analyze this growing body of research and will demonstrate how it applies to cases of suspected abuse, by use of simulations and videotapes of interviews of children who may have been abused. Rapport-building, appropriate questioning strategies, and use of supportive comments will be covered.

Alert: Course Cancelled
Semester: Winter 2020
Instructor: TBA
Topic: Forensic Interviewing of Children
U-M Class #: 27506
Time: Fr/Sa Friday March 20 and Saturday March 21, 2020 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Location: B760 SSWB
Credits: 1 Credit Hours

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