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Social Work Communications

Below you will find the spring/summer email communications sent to incoming MSW. These weekly emails highlight various topics, containing important and helpful information. As new ones are sent, they will be added here.

Dual Degree Fact Sheet

Enrollment Status

Dual degrees are only an option for full-time students. Online and on-campus (residential) full-time students are both eligible; however, most non-social work degree programs are in person at this time.

Students must apply to each program and be admitted into both degree programs.

Students must graduate from both programs in the same term to count course credits from their dual unit towards MSW program requirements.


All social work courses must be enrolled in under the Graduate Social Work (GSW) career on Wolverine Access. Exceptions to this policy must be approved by Barb Hiltz, MSW Program Director, and Tim Colenback, Assistant Dean for Enrollment Management.

Dual degree students typically register in Social Work exclusively or primarily (12 credits or more) in either their first three terms of enrollment (i.e, Fall Term 1, Winter Term 1 and Spring/summer Term 1) or in their second year (i.e., Fall Term 2, Winter Term 2 or Spring/summer Term 2). This will be two terms for advanced standing students.

Dual degree students who have already completed a year of enrollment in their other unit should plan on enrolling primarily or exclusively in social work in their next three terms.

Due to class availability and the field placement process, on-campus and online dual degree students need to begin their first social work term in their first or second fall semester

Course Planning Appointments

Dual degree students must schedule a course planning appointment with their Social Work Program Manager.

Students are also encouraged to consult with their assigned academic advisor in their other degree program either before, during, or immediately after this social work appointment to ensure the devised plan is acceptable to meet degree requirements. A joint meeting with both social work and the other area advisors is strongly encouraged whenever possible.

Tuition Charges

Students enrolling under both careers (GSW and the other unit) will be charged the higher of the two units' tuition rates at the 9+ credit rate. Typically, students enrolling in only social work courses (under their GSW career) in three terms will have lower tuition charges.

Field Education

Students are required to enroll in field education during the three terms of social work enrollment (two semesters for advanced standing students). Students beginning their terms of primary or exclusive enrollment in social work in their first term should contact the Office of Field Education (734-764-5331) immediately if they have not applied for a field placement. Students enrolling primarily or exclusively in social work in year two will apply for field placement in their second term of their other degree enrollment.

Financial Aid

Dual degree students will receive any SSW grant or scholarship aid awarded in the three terms where they enroll primarily or exclusively in the SSW. Dual degree students must enroll in a minimum of 12 credits under their GSW career in the terms where they receive grant/scholarship aid from the SSW. Dual degree students are typically limited to three terms of MSW grant/scholarship aid. Dual degree students may not accept aid from both units in any term enrolled in either degree program without prior written approval from Barb Hiltz, MSW Program Director and Tim Colenback, Assistant Dean for Enrollment Management. MSW/MPH dual degree students are not eligible to pursue special scholarship program enrollment.

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