Graduate Assistantships

Graduate Student Staff Assistant Positions

Each year, the Office of Student Services hires incoming MSW students as Graduate Student Staff Assistants. Two students are hired to work in the Career Center and one student will be hired to work in the Office of Student Services on recruitment, admissions, and student services. These positions will offer full tuition, a monthly living stipend, and University health insurance.

The deadline for students entering the MSW program in Fall 2015 was February 1, 2015. The application for student entering Fall 2016 will be posted in September 2015.

If you have questions regarding these positions, contact the Office of Student Services at or (734) 936-0961.

Graduate Student Instructor Positions

GSI positions at the School of Social Work are not available to MSW students; however, each year MSW students are employed by other departments and offices on campus in GSI positions. Please visit the U-M Careers at the U website for a listing of graduate student appointments throughout the University.

Graduate Student Research Assistant Positions

GSRA positions at the School of Social Work are only available to doctoral students.


GSSA Profile

  • Megan Sims-Fujita

    Megan Sims-Fujita

    As an undergraduate from the University of Michigan Women’s Studies, Megan Sims-Fujita already had hands-on experience during a nursing study abroad in Honduras, where she taught reproductive health.

    "I loved working directly with students in Honduras, because they were so open to learning about health issues. I was so fortunate to have direct access to leaders in the field of Women’s Studies, particularly U-M Nursing School faculty Joanne Motino Bailey and Lisa Kane Low, who led the study. I was learning from the best and knew I wanted to continue on the path of doing service for others."

    After graduation Megan worked at SafeHouse Center where she counseled victims of domestic abuse, and applied to the MSW program.

    "The recruiting process gave me a chance to meet with other students, talk with faculty and visit the School. It was everything I needed to make the best decision for me."

    She admits that the crowning touch to being accepted by a top-notch school is the generous financial aid package offered to her through her Graduate Student Staff Assistant position, including full tuition, a living stipend and healthcare coverage.

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