Community Action and Social Change Undergraduate Minor

The CASC minor is for students interested in developing knowledge, skills, and experiences in community action and social change. Since its launch in Winter 2010, over 600 students have declared the CASC minor.


The CASC Minor is open to students enrolled in:

  • College of LSA
  • College of Engineering
  • Ford School of Public Policy
  • Ross School of Business
  • School of Art & Design
  • School of Kinesiology
  • School of Nursing
  • School of Music, Theater & Dance

Don't see your school or college listed but interested in declaring the minor? Email us at to find out how you can declare CASC.

The multidisciplinary 16 credit minor will prepare students to:

  • examine community action and social change using a multidisciplinary framework
  • address community action and social change in multilingual and multicultural communities
  • integrate social justice values into the community action and social change processes
  • engage in service learning to promote community action and social change.

CASC Newsletter

CASC sends out a weekly newsletter on Mondays with the latest on social justice events, classes, job openings and more!

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Advising Hours

Come meet with an academic advisor!

Drop in Advising Hours
Mondays, 1 pm - 4 pm
Wednesdays, 10 am - 1 pm
Rooms 3831 and 3833

If you are planning to declare the CASC minor, you should attend an info session and complete an online declaration form prior to meeting with an advisor.


  1. Sarah Hong and Amanda Champagne (CASC students) Featured in The New York Times on Campus Sexual Assault

    September 28, 2015

    Sarah Hong and Amanda Champagne (CASC students) was featured in The New York Times article, "On the Front Line of Campus Sexual Misconduct".

  2. CASC minor student Munmun Khan featured in Huffington Post

    September 20, 2013

    Munmun Khan, a CASC minor student, is featured in the Huffington Post for her blog on racism, Islamophobia and the Miss America pageant.

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CASC Events

  1. CASC Info Session »

    December 4, 2015 - 12:00pm to 12:30pm

    Interested in learning more about the Community Action and Social Change minor? Come to this info session to learn more about the CASC community, what CASC is and what it can offer you in your undergraduate program, the types of courses you'll take, and the available opportunities for CASC students after graduation! 

  2. CASC 5th Year Anniversary »

    December 9, 2015 - 4:00pm to 6:00pm

    Join us in celebrating the 5th year anniversary of the CASC minor! This early evening reception will be an opportunity to highlight CASC in the SSW and across the University. We are thankful for the support and want to honor the people who helped create CASC, showcase our student and alumni experiences, and share in an evening of community action and social change.

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Featured Stories

  • CASC Minor Leads to Extraordinary Education

    CASC Minor Leads to Extraordinary Education

    University of Michigan senior Mary Naoum is completing her Bachelor of Theatre Arts degree with a twist. Not only has she added a concentration in performing arts management, she’s also enhancing her education with the U-M School of Social Work’s undergraduate CASC minor. 

    Four years ago, the Community Action and Social Change (CASC) minor was created by the U-M School of Social Work for students interested in developing knowledge, skills and experiences in community action and social change. Since then, CASC has graduated nearly 200 students from the program. There are currently more than 250 students enrolled in the minor from nine schools and colleges across the university. 

    The CASC minor led Naoum to the Semester in Detroit program last spring where she attended classes and interned with the Matrix Theater Company in southwest Detroit. 

    “Semester in Detroit was hands-down the best thing I’ve ever done at the University of Michigan,” Naoum said. “It was the perfect way to not just be a guest in the city, but really become a part of a community.” A year and a half later, she still interns at Matrix, strengthening her connection with the community

    The CASC program allowed her to work more on a management level while she assisted with a production, and planned a year-end event to help inform young people about environmental sustainability and safe environmental practices in their community.

     “I love community empowerment through the arts combined with the balance of community action and community service,” Naoum said. “These programs are such inviting entry points for positive change.” 

    Naoum’s love of theater arts combined with community outreach extends to her extracurricular activities too. As co-president of the Michigan Performance Outreach Workshop (MPOW), Naoum works with fifth- and sixth-grade students from Detroit Public Schools.

    “The students come to U-M to see a performance, and then engage in arts workshops with the performers afterward,” Naoum explained. “Teachers are blown away with the feedback they have from their students. The Beat-Box workshop is really popular, and the kids experience it as a real confidence builder.” 

    Mary has added programming to MPOW to ensure that Detroit students maintain that confidence. 

    “I manage MPOW’s outreach puppet troupe that goes into Detroit elementary schools to educate kids about Shakespeare. We also just added our first weekly theatre workshop with high school students at Detroit School of the Arts.” 

    What’s next for this high-achieving senior? 

    “I’m thrilled I was accepted into the U-M MSW program,” Naoum smiled, “but I’m deferring my enrollment for a year to live and work in Detroit. It’s important to me that I have real CASC experience before diving into grad school.”

    Naom couldn’t stress enough how the CASC minor strengthened her ability to do work in Detroit.

    “My world opened up with the CASC minor, and there are so many great things ahead!”

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