Joint PhD Students & Alumni



  1. Jeffrey S. Albanese Jeffrey S. Albanese »

    Social-cultural anthropology; homelessness and inequality; "tent cities" and "tiny houses"; political economy; informal social welfare provisioning; group work and democracy; history of US social welfare and social work; philosophical pragmatism; governmentality; ethnographic methods.

  2. Matthew D. Chin Matthew D. Chin »

    community organizing, race and ethnic studies, gender and sexuality studies, social policy, temporality, feelings/emotion/affect, community arts, political economy, community-based research, (urban) ethnography

  3. John A. Doering-White John A. Doering-White »

    train hopping, transit migration, humanitarianism, Mexico

  4. Elizabeth N. Koomson Elizabeth N. Koomson »

    Capacity building in Ghana; rural development, social welfare programs for Ghanaians

  5. Ha Yeon Lee Ha Yeon Lee »

  6. John M. Mathias John M. Mathias »

    Construction and employment of notions of altruism in advocacy for and against neoliberal reform in Kerala, India; participatory research on the strategy of activists from Kerala's new social movements; documentary filmmaking

  7. Lamia M. Moghnie »

    Formal and informal community mental health services for underserved populations; impact of war related stress on mental health

  8. Sandhya K. Narayanan Sandhya K. Narayanan »

    Effects of language on social network in multi-lingual communities

  9. Ronke G. Olawale Ronke G. Olawale »

  10. Heather M. Tidrick Heather M. Tidrick »

    Influence on shifting state policies on individuals and ethnic communities; Romani education and assimilation/integration issues in Hungary; Hungarian child welfare policy and the development of Romani children in state institutions

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