1. Lydia W. Li

    Lydia Li's Book, "Successful Aging" Published by Springer

    Associate Professor Lydia Li co-edited a new book, “Successful Aging: Asian Perspectives” which was published by Springer.


  2. Diane Kaplan  Vinokur

    Diane Kaplan Vinokur's Book, "Cases in Innovative Nonprofits" Published by SAGE

    Associate Professor Diane Kaplan Vinokur co-edited a new book, “Cases in Innovative Nonprofits: Organizations That Make a Difference” which was published by SAGE.


  3. Mary C. RuffoloBrian E. PerronElizabeth H. Voshel

    Mary Ruffolo, Brian Perron and Betsy Voshel's Book Published by SAGE

    Professor Mary Ruffolo, Associate Professor Brian Perron and Clinical Associate Professor Betsy Voshel’s book, “Direct Social Work Practice: Theories and Skills for Becoming an Evidence-Based Practitioner” was published by SAGE.

  4. Brian E. Perron

    Brian Perron's Book, "Key Concepts in Measurement" Published by Oxford University Press

    Associate Professor Brian Perron’s book, "Key Concepts in Measurement” was published by Oxford University Press. The book was co-written with his colleague, David Gillespie, Emeritus Professor at Washington University in St. Louis.


  5. Larry M. Gant

    Larry Gant Cited in Michigan Daily Article, "Paige Pfleger: Tyree Guyton's 'Inextinguishable' Heidelberg Project"

    Professor Larry Gant was cited in the Michigan Daily article, "Paige Pfleger: Tyree Guyton's 'Inextinguishable' Heidelberg Project". He was a panelist at "Inextinguishable: A Conversation with Detroit Artist Tyree Guyton", hosted by the U-M Museum Studies Program.

  6. Joseph A. Galura

    Joseph Galura Co-Writes Chapter in New Book, "Asian Americans in Michigan: Voices from the Midwest"

    Adjunct Lecturer Joseph Galura has co-written a chapter in a new book, “Asian Americans in Michigan: Voices from the Midwest”. The chapter is "A Brief History of Filipinos in Michigan" by Emily P. Lawsin and Joseph A. Galura.

  7. Julie M. Ribaudo

    Julie Ribaudo Selected as 2015 SSW Student Union Teacher of the Year

    Clinical Associate Professor Julie Ribaudo was selected as the 2015 SSW Student Union Teacher of the Year. She will be recognized at the Student Awards Ceremony in March. Below are several student statements about Professor Ribaudo:

    "Julie has such wisdom and compassion from her experiences and an amazing ability of teaching this wisdom in a way that is both clear and sensitive to the identities and unique needs of each student. She teaches her course content with a strong PODS lens and is mindful of the diverse experiences and identity intersectionalities of her students. I've learned so much in her courses thus far and want to take every mini course offered with her! Julie is truly the epitome of empathy and compassion!"

    "She has so much passion for what she teaches that it rubs off on her students. She also has a huge depth of knowledge that anyone wanting to pursue social work would be lucky to be exposed to."

    "Julie has been an amazing teacher. I have learned more from her in my classes than I have in any of my others. She creates an open, safe class environment where people feel comfortable speaking their minds and are able to build meaningful relationships with one another. She also was very helpful with the transition back into a school setting first semester, and was conscious and understanding of the fact that many people were having a difficult time transitioning."


    • February 16, 2015
  8. Daphne C. Watkins

    Daphne Watkins and Jaclynn Hawkins (PhD Student) Published in Research on Social Work Practice Journal

    Assistant Professor Daphne Watkins and Jaclynn Hawkins' (PhD student) article, "The Discipline’s Escalating Whisper: Social Work and Black Men’s Mental Health" was published in the March issue of Research on Social Work Practice journal.

  9. David Córdova

    David Cordova Selected for Visiting Professor Program at UCSF Center for AIDS Prevention Studies

    Assistant Professor David Cordova was selected for the National Institutes of Health-funded Visiting Professor Program at the University of California San Francisco Center for AIDS Prevention Studies.

  10. Desmond U. PattonReuben J. Miller

    Desmond Patton and Reuben Miller Co-author Research Review for Academy of Violence and Abuse

    Assistant Professors Desmond Patton and Reuben Miller co-authored the Academy of Violence and Abuse’s Research Review - “Examining the Relationship Between Adolescent Violence Exposure and Adulthood Violence Perpetration Among Urban Black and African American Men”.


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