MSW Program Grants and Scholarships

  1. Allan & Franka Charlupski Endowed Scholarship »

    This gift is awarded to a MSW student(s) interested in pursuing a career in Jewish communal service. Please note that no separate financial aid application is required.

  2. Alumni Society Fellowship in Children and Families Program »

    This Fellowship was established by alumni contributions along with matching funds provided by the Ann and Robert Lurie Family Foundation. It is awarded to an outstanding student in the Children and Youth in Families in Society concentration.

  3. Andrea Foote-Jack Erfurt Scholarship »

    The Andrea Foote-Jack Erfurt Scholarship is designed to assist a student committed to career objectives in the area of social work and the workplace. This award is provided to an enrolled student.

    Andrea Foote-Jack Erfurt Scholarship Application »

  4. Arthur L. Johnson Endowed Scholarship »

    The Arthur L. Johnson Endowed Scholarship, made possible by a gift from Richard and Susan Rogel, honored Arthur Johnson upon his retirement as president of the Detroit chapter of the NAACP. Selection is based on demonstrated, outstanding potential for professional practice. This determination shall be based primarily on an evaluation of all previous academic work, recommendations, human service employment experience, the applicant's written supplementary statement, other application documents and the School of Social Work Financial Aid Application. Please note that no separate financial aid application is required.

  5. Bruce Alan Schaffer Memorial Award »

    Student stipend for a pediatric internship for placements in the Flint, MI area. The SSW will arrange for at least one joint meeting per term between the recipient of the Shaffer Memorial stipend and the donors. The internship will provide training with emphasis in life threatening disease and/or terminally ill conditions. Please note that no separate financial aid application is required.

  6. Child Welfare Scholarship Program »

    The Child Welfare Scholarships are awarded to approximately ten incoming students who are interested in becoming child welfare specialists. Special consideration will be given to students who have had personal life experience within the child welfare system and/or are interested in working with the Native American community. The purpose of the program is to train committed specialists in child welfare. Following graduation, child welfare specialists have worked as child welfare social workers, therapists working with maltreated children, program managers, community organizers, and policymakers. Please click the following link for more information.

    Child Welfare Scholarship Program and Application Information »

  7. Clarice Freud Individual Research Fund »

    Student stipends to assist students to integrate theory and practice, to improve existing procedures and develop new linkages between the SSW and organizations providing practice skill instruction for students, to provide means to enable prospective and current field instructors to extend and deepen their knowledge and skill in field instruction methodology. Please note that no separate financial aid application is required.

  8. Clarice Ullman Freud Fellowship in Children & Families »

    Faculty committee will select students with special consideration to those committed to serving children & families. Students to focus one of the required research papers or projects for their MSW coursework on an issue of relevance to their professional practicum. In addition, the plan for the student paper or project will be developed in consultation with their field instructor, approved by the student's faculty liaison, and reviewed by the Director of the Office of Field Instruction. Please note that no separate financial aid application is required.

  9. Community-Based Initiative Program »

    As one of our Community Scholars Programs, the purpose of the Community-Based Initiative in Detroit (CBI) is to train and support a new generation of social workers dedicated to community and social change in urban cities, neighborhoods, and communities. This is done through coursework and field placements based in Detroit and surrounding areas including Highland Park, Hamtramck, and Dearborn. Upon graduation, CBI scholars work as community organizers, policymakers, program planners, organization managers and administrators, evaluators, and foundation staff within Michigan, the US, and internationally. A maximum of 18 incoming students who are genuinely committed to community-based work in urban areas will be selected for the CBI program.

    Please click the following link for more information.

    Community-Based Initiative Program and Application Information »

  10. Derrick L. Anderson Memorial MSW Scholarship »

    The Derek L. Anderson Memorial Scholarship is given to doctoral or MSW students who demonstrate leadership, support, or involvement in research or scholarship that promotes responsible and informed social work practice with transgender, bisexual, lesbian, or gay (TBLG) individuals and/or communities.

    The scholarship was established by Patricia Edwards, a U-M SSW alumna who seeks to empower students who are making significant contributions toward a more just and equitable society for all people—specifically, students who are transgender, bisexual, lesbian, gay (TBLG), or TBLG-identified and those who are allies.

    Her hope is to assist students who possess a high degree of integrity and who have demonstrated leadership, support of, or involvement in organizations, activities, scholarship, or issues that promote responsible and informed social work practice with TBLG individuals and/or communities in the pursuit of their educational goals. The selection is made by a committee comprised of the faculty liaison to the Rainbow Network and Rainbow Network alumni.

    Derrick Anderson Memorial MSW Scholarship Application »

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