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Section 2.13.05: Masters International Volunteer Program Advanced Standing Curriculum Schedule

This schedule is designed for full-time students enrolled in the Masters International Volunteer Program (MI) who are eligible for the advanced standing degree program (Please see Section 15.00 for eligibility requirements for the advanced standing schedule). Students completing the MI program must select the Global Social Work Practice pathway as either their primary or secondary pathway. Students interested in pursuing clinical licensure after graduation are strongly encouraged to select either the Interpersonal Practice in Integrated Health, Mental Health, and Substance Abuse pathway, Welfare of Children & Families pathway, or Social Work Practice with Older Adults and Families from a Lifespan Perspective pathway as their primary pathway and the Global Social Work Practice pathway as their secondary pathway.

MI students incorporate 27 months of Peace Corps service into their MSW program over the course of four years. MSW applicants must apply to the U-M School of Social Work first and upon acceptance can apply to the Peace Corps. Masters International Volunteer Program students are not guaranteed acceptance into Peace Corps.

Students enter in the fall term and take academic coursework for two semesters. Upon completion of the winter term, students depart for 27 months of Peace Corps service. Students remain on detached study while serving in the Peace Corps. After 27 months of service, students return to campus to finish one semester of coursework. Students typically graduate at the conclusion of the fall term, depending on the exact departure and close of service dates set by the Peace Corps.

In this schedule, field education is scheduled for three days a week during the first two semesters prior to departure for Peace Corps (6 credit hours of SW 691 in the fall and winter terms of their first academic year). Students are not enrolled in field education during their last semester on campus following Peace Corps service. Course planning worksheets are located at . Additional information on the Masters International Volunteer Program curriculum schedule is available at: .

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