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Section 1.04.00: Policy for Accepting Graduate Transfer Credit

Students who have completed approved graduate-level courses related to social work in another institution or another unit of the University of Michigan may be allowed to transfer this credit providing that the following are true:

1. The maximum amount of transfer credit is 30 hours.

2. The student earns a minimum of 30 hours of credit in the University of Michigan School of Social

3. At least 8 credit hours of Advanced Field Education were completed at the University of Michigan.
Students in the Joint Doctoral Program in Social Work and Social Science typically will complete 8
of their advanced hours through their doctoral program.

4. No more than 6 credit hours of field education were transferred as field credit toward the MSW degree,
2 credit hours of which will be Foundation Field Education. This may be adjusted for students in the
MSW/PhD joint program who typically count 8 of their advanced hours from their doctoral program.

5. Transfer credits were not used toward another degree unless the student pursues an approved dual

6. The credits were earned within seven years of the student's MSW start date.

7. A grade of B or better was achieved. Courses that were graded by narrative evaluation or as pass/fail
(satisfactory/unsatisfactory) will also be considered for transfer credit.

Transfer credit will not be granted until the student has completed one full-time term of work satisfactorily. Grades in the courses for which transfer credit is granted are not included in grade point averages.

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