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More than 41,000 Hours of Work by Students and Recent Graduates

Student Opportunities

In my field placement at CC-PEG, I was able to enhance my knowledge from the classroom through experience working on real evaluation projects with community organizations. The supportive environment of faculty, staff, and other students allowed me to broaden my skill set, which impacted the evaluation capacity of the organizations I worked with. Today, in my job in health services research, I utilize the project management, communication, writing, and data analysis skills I built through experiences at CC-PEG on a daily basis.

- Nick Yankey, MSW, MPH

Students and recent graduates join program evaluation teams where they learn by doing, serve real clients, and face the demands of actual deadlines. Our training approach is one of engaged, authentic learning with supervision and mentoring.

Students and recent graduates in the Program Evaluation Group will have opportunities to work on needs/capacity assessments, process evaluations, outcome evaluations, and impact evaluations in areas such as:

  • Child Welfare
  • Higher Education
  • Criminal Justice
  • Integrated/Behavioral Health
  • Social Policy
  • Aging
  • Community Development

Our Opportunities

  • Field Placement: School of Social Work students are supervised by a licensed Field Coordinator. Open positions are listed with Office of Field Instruction. We accept 16 month, 20 month, and Advanced Standing students.
  • Special Studies: Current MSW students can complete an independent study for course credit. Students can join an existing evaluation project team or bring in their own project for the course. Independent study students typically enroll for a 3 credit course.
  • Work-study and part-time work: Current MSW students can work for 10 hours per week. Work-study and part-time students join existing evaluation project teams under the direction of a professional evaluator.
  • Post-MSW Fellowships: Recent MSW graduates can work as Post-MSW Fellows for 20 or 40 hours per week for one year post-graduation. This opportunity allows recent graduates to gain more training and hands-on experience in evaluation, as well as take on leadership roles on projects.
  • Brief Consultations: Students and recent graduates can schedule appointments with Program Evaluation Group staff to consult on evaluation-related matters.

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