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I am consistently overwhelmed by the quality of work & quality of service provided by CCPEG. They have been a great partner in conceptualizing projects, building databases, and creating tools for data visualization. The staff regularly demonstrate their mastery of program evaluation while bringing flexibility and compassion to the work. As a customer, I am 100% satisfied. As a UM SSW alumni, I am proud of this innovative training opportunity offered to current students & recent grads.

- Aaron Surma, MSW

The Program Evaluation Group can help you:

  • Articulate your program's theory of change
  • Compare your program to national models and best practices
  • Document program successes and areas for improvement
  • Improve program efficiencies
  • Measure program outcomes and impact
  • Determine cost savings of your program
  • Build capacity to conduct your own evaluations

Schedule a no-cost live consult to discuss your evaluation needs and get input with the Program Evaluation Group team or learn more about how you can hire the Program Evaluation Group as your external evaluator. Contact or (734) 615-3367.

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