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Incorporating Social Justice In The Study Of Sexuality Across Disciplines

Friday, February 15, 1:30-3:00 PM
School of Social Work, Educational Conference Center (ECC) (SSW 1840)

Watch a recording of the event.



This Conversations Across Social Disciplines' (CASD) event will focus on exploring the importance of using a social justice lens to consider social work and psychological practice and research in sexuality. This topic is particularly consequential given historical and recent events regarding sexuality in the US and globally. Two overarching questions that we are interested in are:

  1. How is doing work in sexuality an act of social justice?
  2. How can upcoming social workers, psychologists, and other professionals incorporate sexuality and sexual health into their research and practice?

The aim of this CASD is to:

  1. equip students, the Social Work and Psychology areas, and the greater UM community with important sexuality terminology and resources incorporating a social justice lens
  2. explore the many positive aspects of including sexuality work in research and practice
  3. emphasize the importance of an interdisciplinary approach to sexuality work.

A Critical Dialogue on Addiction: Bridging Theories and Practices from Feminist Viewpoints

Wednesday, February 20, 1:00-3:00 PM
School of Social Work, Room B780

Watch a recording of the event.


  • Dr. Jill B. Becker, Professor, Department of Psychology, University of Michigan
  • Dr. Carol J. Boyd, Professor, School of Nursing, Women's Studies, and Department of Health Behavior and Biological Sciences, University of Michigan
  • Dr. Beth Glover Reed, Associate Professor, School of Social Work, Women's Studies, University of Michigan
  • Dr. Elizabeth F. S. Roberts, Associate Professor, Department of Anthropology, University of Michigan
  • Dr. Katie A. Schultz, Assistant Professor, School of Social Work, University of Michigan

Student Coordinator

  • Yun Chen, 2nd year pre-candidate student in the Joint PhD Program in Social Work and Anthropology


Addiction – a moral failing, a brain disease, a symptom of capitalism, or a mode of existence? Addiction intervention – therapeutic self-transformation, biomedical treatment, incarceration, or harm reduction? Not only have scholarly debates on the ontological status and sociopolitical implications of addiction grown vibrantly in social sciences, these debates have also reflected on, responded to, and reshaped various real-life practices and policy interventions of addiction across time and space. A topic as inherently multidimensional and ambivalent as addiction genuinely yields critical conversations across social disciplines. This panel will facilitate an interdisciplinary dialogue between scholars from social work, anthropology, psychology, and nursing. More specifically, it will explore what insights the feminist viewpoints might offer to our current conceptualizations of addiction and practices of addiction intervention in the context of North America. This dialogue will not only look critically into how knowledge of addiction are produced, translated, and transformed across divergent settings – from scientific laboratories to kitchen tables. It also seeks to ground the processes and consequences of knowledge making in the everyday experiences of and interventions on addiction – from therapy room to youth centers, women shelters, and indigenous communities.

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