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Specialization & Certification Programs

The School of Social Work currently offers a number of certificate and specialization options and is constantly developing new opportunities for students to pursue particular interests in defined areas of study. Typically, specialization and certificate programs require students to enroll in selected courses and often include a component of field education.

At present, the School of Social Work offers a certificate program in aging, child welfare, global social work, management of human services, and a specialization in social work in public schools. Additionally, each year the School offers two courses in each of the following special topics: international social work, child welfare, interpersonal violence, and substance abuse.

Certificate in Child Welfare

A Certificate in Child Welfare will reflect the state-of-the art knowledge and skills essential for practice in child welfare and will provide knowledge, skills and professional expertise that are easily transferrable to other fields of practice today. It will reflect education from expert faculty and a focused curriculum on social work practice in child welfare. Having a credential such as Certificate in Child Welfare from the University of Michigan's School of Social Work will greatly enhance a student's employability in their chosen field upon graduation.

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Certificate in Global Social Work

The Certificate in Global Social Work offers students the opportunity to engage in specialized graduate study for social work practice in the global arena. The certificate program allows students the opportunity to take specialized courses with global content both within and outside the School or Social Work. The Certificate in Global Social Work is awarded upon successful completion of academic course requirements, an approved global field placement and demonstration of second language proficiency. Course and field requirements must be completed during the regular University Fall, Winter, and Spring/Summer terms. The certificate requirements cannot be met through activities or coursework completed before enrollment in the School of Social Work or after receipt of the MSW degree.

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Human Services Management Certificate

The Management of Human Services Certificate is nationally recognized and offered in partnership with the Network for Social Work Management. The certificate is awarded based on successful completion of the MSW Program with either a major or minor in Management of Human Services.

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Social Work in School Settings

During the first term of enrollment, students interested in school social work should consult with the appropriate faculty advisor about the practice of social work in schools and certification requirements for such practice. Since requirements vary from state to state, and these are not all covered by the usual MSW program, it is necessary to plan the academic program of each prospective school social worker individually and early in the MSW program. The appropriate faculty advisor can provide more information about requirements for temporary approval as a school social worker in the state of Michigan.

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Specialist in Aging Certificate

The Specialist in Aging Certificate Program offers students the opportunity to develop individualized programs of interdisciplinary graduate study for academic credit in gerontology. The program draws upon the resources and course offerings of Literature, Science, and the Arts and the Schools of Public Health, Law, Pharmacy, and Social Work, as well as other academic units.

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