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Jim Wahlberg Dean's Scholarship

This Dean's Scholarship is provided to the recipient of the Jim Wahlberg Award. The selection process is conducted by the Association of Baccalaureate Social Work Program Directors (BPD).

The BPD Board of Directors invites all BPD members to encourage outstanding BSW students to submit a proposal for the 2020 Jim Wahlberg BSW Student Scholar Award. The recipient will present his/her paper at a special invitation session at the 2022 BPD Conference in New Orleans, LA. Conference registration, transportation and a one night hotel stay will be paid by BPD for the selected presenter as well as a $250.00 honorarium and a plaque.

  • Recipients will be eligible for a full tuition Dean's Scholarship in the University of Michigan School of Social Work On Campus MSW program only.

Students can receive the Wahlberg Scholar Award without entering the University of Michigan School of Social Work, however, the full tuition scholarship requires successful completion of the University of Michigan MSW program application and an offer of admission. The recipient will also need to maintain good academic standing while enrolled in the MSW program at the University of Michigan School of Social Work to maintain the full tuition scholarship.

Criteria for Eligibility:

* Students wishing to enter the MSW Advanced Standing program (45 credit hour program) at the U-M SSW MSW program must have a minimum of a 3.5 GPA over the last 60-75 semester hours on their BSW transcript. Students with GPA's below 3.5 can apply for admission into the University of Michigan's 60 semester hour MSW program.

Please Submit One Copy of:

  • Scholarship Application Coversheet
  • A brief abstract overview (not more than 50 words) to be included in the Final Program.
  • A scholarly paper (written in APA style, 12-point Times New Roman Font, and double spaced, with standard 1" margins and between 3 and 5 pages in length). Topical Area: Social Justice, Equality and Empowerment
    • Identify a social work issue. Discuss how social workers should address this social problem at the micro and macro level in order to promote social justice, equality and empowerment.
  • Your official University transcript.

Because an anonymous review process will determine the recipient, the paper should not contain any identifying information about you or your institution.

Proposals written by multiple authors will not be reviewed. Only one student can be selected as the Jim Wahlberg BSW Student Scholar.

Application will be available Fall 2021.

Wahlberg Scholarship Recipients:

  • Caitlin Shoemaker (2020)
  • Adrianna Satorski (2019)
  • Jessica McKay (2018)
  • Greg Osberg (2017)
  • Emily Hornung (2016)
  • Sara Rumbarger (2015)
  • Barbara Carroll (2014)
  • Emily Aerts (2013)
  • Staci Beukers (2012)
  • Dana Davenport (2011)
  • Elisabet Medina (2010)
  • Patrice French (2009)
  • Leah Zellers (2009)
  • Cheri Pace (2008)
  • Desiree Martin (2007)
  • Lauren Smitherman (2006)
  • Katherine Vance (2005)
  • Thomas Singleton (2004)

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