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MicroMasters MSW FAQ

  1. Does the University of Michigan School of Social Work offer an online MSW program?

    At this time, the School does not offer an online MSW program. The majority of classes are held at the School in Ann Arbor, Michigan.  We do offer hybrid courses and some web-based courses.

  2. How may I request a transcript for the MicroMasters courses to show credit for the courses?

    Each MicroMasters course provides a certificate of completion option for $199 ($49 for the introductory course). MicroMasters coursework is not credit bearing and therefore, transcripts are not provided. Students pursuing the MicroMasters MSW program will need to provide copies of their certificates of completion for the six MicroMasters courses.

  3. How much does the MicroMasters Certificate cost?

    The cost for the MicroMasters Certificate is $1243.

  4. How much does the MicroMasters MSW cost?

    The cost for the MicroMasters MSW is equivalent to three semesters of full time tuition.

  5. How will I receive credit for the MicroMasters courses?

    This MicroMasters courses are not by themselves graduate credit bearing courses but provide an opportunity to earn a workforce credential.  Completing the MicroMasters certificate will allow you to apply for admission to the School of Social Work MSW program under the special MicroMasters admission’s option, which, if you are accepted, will offer an accelerated path through the MSW program.

  6. Is the Social MicroMasters Certificate credit-bearing?

    The MicroMasters Certificate by itself is a workforce development certificate.  The courses are not standard graduate courses and graduate credits are not earned for completing individual courses or the certificate.  Beginning Fall Term 2018, the students with three Press enter to read full text...

  7. Is there financial aid for the MicroMasters MSW?

    There is no financial aid available for the online MicroMasters Certificate courses. If accepted into the MicroMasters MSW program at the University of Michigan, students may apply for grants, scholarships, Direct Loans, GradPlus Loans, and college work study. Special program scholarships for programs are not available to MicroMasters MSW students.

    For more information, please refer to the MSW Guide to Financial Aid.

  8. Will completing the Social Work: Practice, Policy and Research MicroMasters Certificate reduce the required credits for the MSW Program?

    For students admitted into the MicroMasters MSW program the course enrollment requirement will be reduced from 60 to 45 credit hours.  MicroMasters MSW students will also be required to complete a comprehensive evaluation before entering the MSW program.

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