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Goal Statement Guidelines

The goal statement document is similar to a cover letter for employment and allows potential field instructors to view a "snapshot" of your self-assessed knowledge, skills, and abilities. The purpose of the goal statement is to determine if what you want to learn is a "match" with what the fieldwork site has to offer.

The goal statement must:

  • Be written in a narrative format--it functions as a writing sample.
  • Not include personal/private information. This is a public document and is shared electronically with your field instructor and your potential colleagues.
  • Be no longer than 2 pages, double spaced, and no smaller than 11 pt. font
  • Include all of the following information:
    • Header
      • Full name
      • Practice method concentration and practice area
      • Curriculum schedule (16-month, 20-month, advanced standing, extended degree)
      • Minor method (if applicable)
      • Special Scholar Program (if applicable)
    • Content
      • Briefly describe what led you to social work as a career and share some of your career aspirations.
      • Briefly describe 2 skills you hope to develop in your field placement and share how these will help you reach your career goals.
      • Briefly describe your learning style and how you learn best. Share what supervision styles works best for you and how you manage conflict.
      • Given your enrollment schedule in the SSW and your current life and work responsibilities; describe how you plan to successfully complete the required 16+ hours per week in your field placement.

Reminder: You have the opportunity to have the U-M SSW Career Center review your goal statement prior to submission to the Office of Field Instruction. Please contact them directly for assistance at: or (734) 763-6259

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