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Peer Leader Diabetes Self-Management Support Intervention for Black Men with Type-2 Diabetes

People with diabetes need diabetes self-management education (DSME) to facilitate the knowledge and skills necessary for diabetes self-management. Although DSME is essential, it is not enough to support patients with the considerable self-management effort needed during a lifetime with diabetes. In order to sustain these improvements, most patients need on-going diabetes self-management support (DSMS). The type of support provided can be behavioral, educational and/or clinical and evidence demonstrates that DSMS is effectively delivered by health professionals and trained peer leaders (PLs). While there is increasing evidence that ongoing DSMS is critical for lifelong management of diabetes, more research on effectively integrating DSMS into communities, capitalizing on available resources (PL’s) and existing community infrastructures, is critical. However, there is very little research addressing how these interventions may best be organized and implemented in “real world,” community settings, specifically for men.

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