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MIP: Statewide implementation of online psychotherapy for Michigan seniors

The proposed new initiative builds upon our previous project activities and moves beyond by focusing on statewide implementation of Empower@Home. Over the past year, in our conversations with MDHHS MI Choice Waiver Program and its community organizations, we learned that the agencies would have significant challenges implementing evidence-based programs such as ours due to a lack of training, expertise, and resources. Therefore, we propose to provide training and implementation support that will address common barriers to implementing and sustaining evidence-based programs in community settings. In addition, we propose to collect rigorous evaluation data for the effectiveness of Empower@Home. Having these data will enable us to apply to the Administration for Community Living’s evidence-based program, which will make it much easier to sustain the program in community settings in the long-term. In FY22, we will conduct a pilot study of Empower@Home. Even though Empower@Home is a novel intervention, it is based on iCBT, which is an evidence-based approach for treating depression. Before disseminating and implementing the program at a larger scale, we will first pilot test the intervention, refine it as needed, and collect data on potential barriers to implementation. This type of design is a hybrid 1 implementation effectiveness design.

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