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MIP: Enhancing Integration Between Rural WIC Clinics and MIHP to Support Pregnant and Postpartum Women's Depression Treatment Access - FY22

This project seeks to improve the behavioral health of low-income women with postpartum depression who receive WIC and Maternal Infant Health Program (MIHP) services in rural Michigan. Specifically, we propose expanding upon our work with WIC clinics in rural Michigan, conducted in FY20 and FY21, to enhance existing integration between WIC and MIHPs to increase access to an entertaining, online, evidence-based depression treatment, tailored for women experiencing depression during pregnancy or the postpartum period. The treatment will be made available at no cost. Further, the treatment will be introduced via WIC providers and supported by MIHP providers. Both WIC and MIHP are non-stigmatizing social service settings that low-income women facing risk factors for depression are often already connected to. We believe this project providers critical understanding of the potential to enhance integration between WIC and MIHP in rural Michigan to support pregnant and postpartum clients experiencing depression as well as allows us to identify feasible, acceptable strategies for MIHP providers’ ability to offer brief support of the tailored, online depression treatment as part of their standard practice. This work will result in the development of an implementation intervention that can be administered with co-located MIHP and WIC sites in FY23. We view this project as a necessary, crucial step toward moving our existing work with WIC clinics from a demonstration project to a service delivery model for increasing pregnant and postpartum women’s access to depression treatment that could be scalable, replicable, and sustainable in rural areas across the state at low-cost.

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