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Evaluation of Survivor Experiences in the Washtenaw County Justice System

This project examines the experiences of domestic violence and sexual assault survivors who come into contact with the Washtenaw County criminal justice system. The overall goal of this project is to examine how Black, Indigenous, Women of Color (BIWOC), as well as other underrepresented survivor groups, experience their interactions with the justice system. The Washtenaw County Prosecutor’s Office and the Domestic Violence/ Sexual Assault Transition Team have identified the need to gain a qualitative perspective on the experiences of survivors, and to represent marginalized sexual assault survivors whose perspectives are generally less well understood. The intended outcomes of this work are to inform policy and practice reforms that will improve the experiences of domestic violence and sexual assault survivors; and to incorporate survivors’ experiences into policy revisions under consideration by the Washtenaw County courts. Another goal of this project is data transparency. Our team will work to de identify the data and make it publicly available as a resource for community members who have experienced assault as well as local practitioners. Local resources and advocates serving this population will be identified through our study and catalogued on our study website. Resources might include emergency shelter and food resources; individual and group support groups; financial and legal professionals; physical therapists, doctors and mental health practitioners who demonstrate committed service to violence victims. We hope this informative study will improve service delivery and access to justice for this population and their children.

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