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Evaluation of Innovative Detroit Projects Supplemental Funding

Establish the audience(s) and assess needs. We will facilitate an ongoing engagement process for the duration of this planning period that will include: • A series of 1-3 meetings to • consider a logic model and calendar of events for this project. • identify the diverse stakeholders who are commissioners, implementers, and users of: determining key questions and variables; interest in and capacity for collecting, interpreting, and using data; current ideas of what evaluation should accomplish; capacity to undertake evaluation; and diversity among the stakeholders, with attention to cultural and organizational diversity. • A series of semi-structured interviews with a sample of key stakeholders, as identified in the initial set of planning meetings. Themes of these interviews might include, but are not limited to: defining evaluation capacity building, elucidating expectations for ECB, desired goals, objectives, and impact for MHEF grant making. Develop a Logic Model. To develop a logic model we will engage in: • A series of 1-3 meetings with Kresge Foundation staff to develop and revise a logic model that represents Kresge Foundtiton’s current resources and opportunities, activities that can be undertaken develop and implement evaluation capacity-building, and agreed-upon goals for evaluation capacity-building. Activities to facilitate this work would be interactive, drawing from resources such as Preskill and Russ-Eft’s (2016) Building Evaluation Capacity. • A review of the logic model with other Kresge Foundation stakeholders as applicable. Identify Capacity-Building Activities. We will draw on our experience with similar projects (example in attachments) and our ongoing review of the literature to develop a manual of evaluation capacity building activities for the Kresge Foundation. Activities will be specifically tailored to the analysis leading up to and following the creation and discussion of the logic model. The activities document will also include: • An articulation of the Kresge Foundation’s evaluation capacity building approach, which includes the following: o Resource and action statements o Measures of success o Data and analysis needs Identify Points of Collaboration. We will engage in a process of relationship mapping among stakeholders: • through referrals • through shared information • joint projects • shared clients • shared neighborhoods/communities

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