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EDSI Program Evaluation

Under the proposed project, staff of the Center for Equitable Family and Community Well-Being will evaluate the EDSI program for the Detroit Employment Solutions Corporation. The proposed statement of work covers the period from January 1, 2021 through September 30, 2021. The Center will interview EDSI and Youthbuild participants, individually. Baseline interviews will occur in January, 2021. Exit interviews will occur in September, 2021. To encourage participation, subjects will receive a $10 incentive for each interview. Interviews will be transcribed and analyzed for evidence of employment readiness. The Center will conduct focus groups with EDSI and Youthbuild participants, respectively. Focus groups will occur in May, 2021. As with the individual interviews, focus group subjects will receive a $10 incentive to encourage their participation. Focus group conversations will be transcribed and analyzed for evidence of employment readiness. The Center will interview the EDSI and Youthbuild instructors. These interviews will occur monthly, from January to May. Interviews will be transcribed and analyzed for evidence of progress in employment readiness in participants. The Center will analyze curriculum materials for EDSI and Youthbuild, respectively, for similarities and differences, and potential for employment readiness training. The Center will also be provided attendance for each week’s sessions. Attendance will be compared across programs, and for specific lessons within the curriculum. The Center will attend and observe a session of the EDSI and Youthbuild programs, to be determined in consultation with the respective instructors. Observation will consider the behavior and involvement of participants, the curriculum material covered, the instructional space, and more. The Center will use all data from the services listed above to compile a final report on the employment readiness potential of the EDSI program. Elements of the report will include, but are not limited to: findings from interviews and focus groups, instructor comments, participant observation, curriculum analysis, and average daily attendance.

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