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Community Health Worker COVID Vaccination-2021 Evaluation

This project is divided into two segments. The first segment will be August and September of 2021 (two months). The second segment will be October of 2021 through September of 2022 (twelve months). Segment 1: Vaccine Hesitancy Data Collection Design and Training The first segment will focus on designing and initiating data collection protocols for better understanding reasons for vaccine hesitancy and perceptions of current vaccine promotion resources. This will include the following activities: · Design a data collection process, including focus groups and/or interviews, for CHWs to gather residents’ views on and experiences with the COVID-19 vaccine and current promotion and distribution · Develop data collection tools and detailed protocols for using the tools · Develop a training for CHWs on the data collection tools and protocols · Train Cylor Fagan and Moncerrat Llamas on the data collection tools and protocols · Co-deliver, with Cylor Fagan and Moncerrat Llamas, a synchronous virtual training on the data collection tools and protocols for CHWs · Create an asynchronous training on the data collection tools and protocols in MiCHWA’s Canvas platform · Analyze data collected by Washtenaw County CHWs and create preliminary data brief to inform new resource development · Make recommendations for new vaccine promotion resources or strategies in Washtenaw County Segment 2: Evaluating Strategies and Measuring Impact  In the second segment, we will continue to support the data collection initiated in the first segment as well as undertake additional activities to ensure continuous learning throughout the project period. Segment two will include the following six activities. Provide ongoing technical assistance. We will provide ongoing technical assistance as needed throughout the period of data collection on vaccine hesitancy both to Cylor Fagan and Moncerrat Llamas and to field CHWs directly. Complete analysis of vaccine hesitancy data collected by CHWs. Once vaccine hesitancy data collection has been completed, we will conduct a final analysis of all the data from the five priority communities. We will create a summary of findings for each of the five communities as well as a cross-site analysis that describes the similarities and differences between the five communities. This analysis will also include recommendations for new vaccine promotion resources and strategies.  Create protocol for CHWs to test new promotional materials.  We will create an instrument and protocol for CHWs to test and gather feedback on the new vaccine promotion resources and strategies developed. We will also analyze and summarize the data collected by CHWs. Survey of CHWs completing training.  We will design an instrument to evaluate quality and impact of new trainings developed to support CHWs in delivering and promoting COVID-19 vaccines, including satisfaction with training and confidence in promoting vaccines. Findings will be summarized in a data brief for the project team and offered with recommendations for further support for CHWs. Conduct exit surveys.  In order to capture a more complete picture of the impact of vaccine promotion strategies, we will design a survey to administer at vaccination events to ask residents and caregivers how they learned about the event, if they were previously hesitant about the vaccine, and what convinced them to get vaccinated and/or to allow their child to get vaccinated. This activity would include administering at least five surveys at each of at least three events in each priority community.  Develop summary report. We will synthesize all evaluation findings into a final report with an analysis of reasons for vaccine hesitancy, an assessment of strategies for reaching vaccine hesitant residents and caregivers, an analysis of overall impact in priority communities, and recommendations for future vaccine outreach. This synthesis will be presented in a publicly available report.

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