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CJS Member Research Grant

July 2002 - December 2050

The primary goal of the proposed project is to investigate the prevalence and health consequences of domestic violence (violence against women by their male intimate partners) in Japan, utilizing the protocol for the Multi-Country Study on Women’s Health and Domestic Violence coordinated by the World Health Organization Women’s Health and Development Division (WHO/WHD). [WHO/WHD has assured Japan’s participation in the Multi-Country Study on the condition that the Japanese research team raise the funds necessary for the study.] Specifically, the proposed epidemiologic study will examine the following: 1. The prevalence of physical, emotional, and sexual violence by men against women partners in Japan. 2. The relationship between domestic violence victimization and women’s health and the use of health care. 3. The types of coping strategies used and barriers to women’s access to assistance resources. 4. The risk and protective factors for domestic violence victimization. The secondary goal of the proposed project is the cross-national comparative analysis of risk and protective factors for domestic violence victimization through participation in the WHO/WHD MCSWHDV. [Other participating countries include Bangladesh, Brazil, Italy, Namibia, Peru, and Thailand.]

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