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Child Welfare Learning Community


The Child Welfare Learning Community (CWLC) defines child welfare broadly to include areas of social, economic and environmental justice that transcend the traditional boundaries established by existing federal and state programs and which affect the well-being of children, youth and their families.

The Child Welfare Learning Community focuses on:

  • racial and ethnic disparities that affect children and youth
  • programs that provide financial assistance
  • asset-building initiatives
  • medical and mental health services
  • equal educational opportunities for children and youth
  • services that protect and promote the quality of life for children and youth; both in families and society
  • programs that prevent or ameliorate harm to children and youth
  • rehabilitation of children and youth

Especially children and youth who are at the margins; runaway youth, homeless children and families, and kicked out youth. Children and youth who come under the mandates of multiple programs; child welfare, delinquency, mental health and education.

Service Agencies

Although service activities do indeed provide service, they also afford opportunities for teaching/training (internships for MSW students, Clinical Psychology students, and post-MSW Joint Doctoral Program students) and knowledge development.


Participating Faculty

  • Kathleen Coulborn Faller

    Marion Elizabeth Blue Endowed Professor Emerita of Children and Families; Professor Emerita of Social Work
    Controversies of interviewing children about sexual abuse, the co-morbidity of child maltreatment and parental substance abuse, domestic violence, substance abuse, cultural competence in child welfare, and the child welfare workforce.
  • Leslie D. Hollingsworth

    Associate Professor Emerita of Social Work
    Adoption, African American families, child welfare, mental health, birth parents, adoptive parents, interpersonal practice, family therapy
  • Shawna J. Lee

    Associate Professor of Social Work, School of Social Work and Faculty Associate, Research Center for Group Dynamics, Institute for Social Research
    Father's parenting risk behaviors, child maltreatment, community-based interventions
  • Susan C. McDonough

    Research Associate Professor Emerita of Social Work
    Children's mental health, preventive interventions.
  • Robert M. Ortega

    Associate Professor of Social Work
    Child welfare, juvenile justice, serious mental illness.
  • Julie M. Ribaudo

    Clinical Associate Professor of Social Work
    Psychotherapy, community mental health, child welfare, public health, early intervention, challenging infants, mental health, infant mental health, clinical supervision
  • Mary C. Ruffolo

    PhD, LMSW
    Professor and Director of Continuing Education
    University of Michigan School of Social Work
    Integrated behavioral health and primary care, behavioral health interventions for youth and adults, evaluation of the use of instructional technologies in social work education
  • Joseph P. Ryan

    Associate Professor of Social Work, School of Social Work and Faculty Associate, Center for Political Studies, ISR
    Child welfare, juvenile justice, welfare system, public policy, child maltreatment
  • Rosemary A. Sarri

    Professor Emerita of Social Work
    Child/family welfare policy, juvenile and criminal justice systems.
  • Trina R. Shanks

    Associate Professor of Social Work, School of Social Work, and Faculty Associate, Survey Research Center, Institute for Social Research
    Child well-being, asset building, 529 college education plans, SEED, Rhodes scholar, economic development
  • Karen M. Staller

    Associate Professor of Social Work
    Runaway and homeless youth, law, social problem construction, history of social welfare, qualitative research methods.

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