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At the completion of the program, participants value the comprehensive and current training, the expertise of multiple highly qualified faculty presenters, and the connection with other professionals across disciplines whom they have met during the program. Former participants are consultants to the program. Former participants provide comments about the program.

Alumni Consultants

The Sexual Health Certificate Program has an active alumni group. They are available to answer questions and provide additional information about the program.

Comments from Alumni

Cameron Gridley, PhD, Denver, CO

"I had always been interested in specializing in sex therapy. When I decided to seek out my training I wasn't interested in getting it piecemeal through various CEUs. I wanted a more cohesive experience led by highly experienced practitioners. I also wanted a sense of community with other learners. Furthermore, I wanted to attend a program that was affiliated with a well-established and highly respected institution. This brought me to the University of Michigan Sexual Health Certificate Program and after completing it I couldn't recommend it highly enough I found the coursework and material to be top notch. Everything was very well organized and the faculty was truly excellent. I found the instructors to not only be very knowledgeable but also very warm, approachable, and eager to answer any of my questions.

The program does a wonderful job of cultivating a sense of community and connection amongst the participants. Not only did this bring a wealth of experience and diversity, it also provided additional support and opportunities to learn. Additionally, I made some incredible friendships with people across the country (and world!) that I now cherish. Seeking out and completing this program was one of the best career decisions I have ever made."

Alycia Williams, MS, Tulsa, OK

"I started my research by looking on the AASECT website. For me, UMSHCP was best able to provide the things that were important to me: a combination of distance and campus coursework, a thorough coverage of information, and instructors who were highly competent. The cohort design, including yearly alumni weekends to keep building on the relationships developed in the program and access to the program’s director and co-director whenever I have questions are extremely valuable. The program is supportive, engaging, and makes help available throughout the year."

Jessa Zimmerman, MA, Seattle, WA

"We were provided with an extensive reading list and library of articles, and those resources were updated regularly. The faculty is composed of leaders in the field of sexual health, and they are all active clinicians with a wealth of knowledge and experience that they generously share with the class. My cohort consisted of amazing professionals from all over the country, and I am grateful for the connections, both personal and professional, that I will carry on into my career. While it may seem extreme to commute between Seattle and Ann Arbor for this program, it was well worth it. I cannot recommend this program more highly!"

Terri Woodard, MD, Houston, TX

"I considered myself to be quite comfortable and knowledgeable with regard to discussing sex/sexuality issues with my patients; however, this course has expanded my view and made me realize how much I did not know. It definitely taught me things that I did not learn in my OB-GYN residency and provided me with the missing pieces required to truly provide quality, comprehensive care to all of my patients. In addition, it allowed me to develop relationships with an outstanding and diverse group of individuals with whom I can consult and share my experiences with. It was definitely worth the time and effort!"

Kyla Black, LCSW, Brooklyn, NY

"This program has been inspiring, educational, growth-promoting, and stoked my motivation even further to be a sex therapist. All the course instructors present with such vigor, enthusiasm, and an incredible amount of expertise, I found myself wishing there were even more courses to attend, just to be surrounded by the exciting energy. The administrative team also does such a great job ensuring a seamless experience to meet all participants' diverse needs. I couldn't be happier with my choice to attend this particular program."

Lynn Wang, MD, Media, PA

"This program led by Sallie Foley has absolutely surpassed my expectations: it provides a comprehensive, multidisciplinary, integrated approach to sexual health. As a gynecologist, I use what I've learned every single day in my practice, and it has helped me be a better clinician by leaps and bounds. If you are a physician, and have a feeling that "there is something more out there," this is the place to come."

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