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Online Certificate in Advanced Clinical Dementia Practice

Building expertise in person-centered dementia care, at your pace

Dementia is the second most prevalent mental disorder affecting older adults, the sixth leading cause of death in the U.S., and is present in one-third of older adults at the time of death. In order to understand and to respond effectively to the needs of our clients, clinicians must have adequate training in the complex interactions of disease pathology, individual strengths, environmental conditions, informal supports, formal resources, and societal influences. The purpose of this online, self-paced certificate program is to prepare practitioners for advanced clinical practice with clients and families affected by Alzheimer's and other types of dementia.

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About the Program

This self-paced certificate is designed for healthcare professionals who deliver or plan to deliver person- and family-centered care to people living with memory loss or dementia, including: social workers; nurses; primary care physicians; physical therapists; occupational therapists; health educators; and administrators.

Participants will gain clinical knowledge and skills in culturally-competent assessment, care planning, and state-of-the-art clinical intervention.

Participants will also learn strategies on how to apply these skills during client interactions and link with a multidisciplinary peer distance-learning community to practice new skills and discuss ideas.

This 34-hour distance-learning certificate offers:

  • 31 hours of self-paced video lectures
  • 3 hours of live drop-in case-based webinars (offered every other month)


"The Certificate Program in Advanced​ Clinical Dementia Practice provided an excellent vehicle to expand my knowledge of emerging science and clinical practices. This comprehensive curriculum integrates multicultural, interdisciplinary and wellness approaches to aging, clinical assessment and designing supportive strategies with individuals and families across their own unique life course with dementia. The content areas on neuropsychiatric, psychological and behavioral symptoms; helping families to understand changes in behavior; and therapeutic modalities to support well-being are particularly useful and can help guide future service planning."

Dale L. Adler, MA, MSW

"Learning from a variety of experts, the certificate program covers a range of topics that deepen your understanding of the complexity of caring for persons with dementia. Through such learning modules as multicultural awareness, well-being, and creative expression, the certificate program emphasizes the importance of respecting the person and provides you with key insights to further enhance your practice."​

Anne Mondro, Professor

"I highly recommend the Certificate Program in Advanced Clinical Dementia Practice. The material was relevant and the course was well-organized. This course has deepened my understanding in caring for patients with dementia."

Diane Scarpace, Nurse Practitioner

"This certification program does more than just provide the learner with current information about dementia. Instead, it involves you fully in one of the most critical health and human service issues of our time. As you participate in this program, you will learn innovative, evidence-based practices that will help you develop a comprehensive approach to effective dementia care and service. The program also includes an extensive, helpful resource section of books, videos, and websites with each of its learning modules."

Sharon Stolz, BSW, Pastor/Minister of Outreach

Participants in the Advanced Clinical Dementia Practice certificate program will have opportunities to:

  • Understand the impact of dementia on our aging society
  • Strengthen assessment, intervention and management skills critical to person-centered care throughout the dementia journey
  • Apply best practice approaches in helping individuals and families living with memory loss or dementia

Courses address core themes in dementia clinical practice, including:

  • Cultural competency
  • Person-centered care standards
  • Evidence based practice
  • Professional ethics
  • Self-examination
  • Interdisciplinary teamwork

Advisory Board and Faculty

  • Nancy R. Barbas

    Nancy R. Barbas

    MD, MSW

    Associate Professor and Director of the Cognitive Disorders Clinic

    Department of Neurology, University of Michigan Health System

    Cognitive disorders in adults including Alzheimer's disease and other dementias, geriatric neurology and general neurology.
  • Michelle Barclay

    Michelle Barclay

    President and Co-Founder

    The Barclay Group, LLC,

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