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Leon and Josephine Winkelman Past Lectures

2019 Reducing Racial Inequities in Health: Using What We Already Know to Take Action
Dr. David Williams
2018 The Use of Family to Understand Aging in African Americans
Keith Whitfield, Ph.D.
2017 The Future of the Aging Services Workforce: Moving from Accident to Valued Profession
Robyn I. Stone, Dr.P.H
2016 Families, Religion, and Aging: Results from a 35-year Study
Vern L. Bengtson, Ph.D.
2015 Stages of the Soul: Opportunities in the Second Half of Life
Harry R. Moody, Ph.D.
2014 Creating Sustainable Change for Healthy Aging
Nancy A. Whitelaw, Ph.D.
2013 The built, natural and social environments: Meeting the needs of persons of all ages and abilities
Kathleen Sykes, Senior Advisor for Aging and Sustainability, U.S. EPA Office of Research and Development.
2012 Medicare: Past, Present, and Future
Former Congressman Tom Downey
2010 What Moves Us: What Frontotemporal Dementia Tells Us About the Brain
Dr. Rhonna Shatz
2008 Diabetes in the Heterogeneous Geriatric Population: Challenges and Opportunities
Jeffrey B. Halter, MD
2006 A Socially Responsible Health Care System in the Era of Longevity Genes
Robert P. Kelch, MD
2004 Successful Aging: Myth or Reality
Robert L. Kahn, PhD
2002 Embryonic Stem Cells: Basic Science and Clinical Applications
K. Sue O'Shea
2000 Social Security in the 21st Century
Edward M. Gramlich, PhD
1999 Translating Rhetoric To Reality:
The Future Of Family And Children's Services

William Meezan, DSW
1998 The National Nursing Home Resident Assessment Instrument Or What Do You Do With 6 Million Assessments?
Dr. Brant E. Fries
Winter 1996 Social Security: Yesterday and Today
Dr. W. Andrew Achenbaum
Fall 1996 The Economic Well-Being Of The Elderly In A Changing Society
Dr. Martha Ozawa
1995 Geriatric Prisoners
Dr. Herbert A. Rosefield
1994 The Acute and Long-Term Care of Minority Elderly: Implications of Health Care Financing Reform
Dr. Ronald J. Angel
1992 Understanding Creative Potential in Later Life: Impact on Research, Practice, and Policy
Dr. Gene D. Cohen
1990 Gerontic Imperatives: Danger and Opportunity
Olivia P. Maynard
1989 Death and the Law
John H. Pickering
1988 Contradictions and Innovations in Health Care of the Elderly: A Doctor's Dilemma
Dr. Gary R. Andrews
1987 Health Care of the Elderly: The Canadian Experience
Dr. Theodore Goldberg
1986 A New View of Older Women in America
Professor Mildred M. Seltzer
1984 Diagnosis and Management of Dementias in the Geriatric Patient
Dr. Gabe J. Maletta
1983 Aging and Society: Notes on the Development of New Understandings
Dr. Matilda White Riley
1982 Creating Coherent Public Policy for the Elderly in a Welfare State
Professor Bent Rold Andersen
1981 New Perspectives on Aging and Social Policy
Professor Bernice L. Neugarten
1980 The Ethnic Factor in Delivery of Services to the Aged
Professor Barbara Bryant Solomon
1979 Principles and Practice of Hospice Care
Dr. Daniel C. Hadlock
1978 Aging, Social Class, and Ethnicity
Professor Zena Smith Blau

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