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Fedele F. and Iris M. Fauri Memorial Conference

The Fedele F. Fauri Memorial Conference on child welfare is presented annually in recognition of the former University of Michigan Dean and Vice President Fedele F. Fauri and his wife. Dean Fauri's leadership and accomplishments in the field of child welfare spanned nearly 50 years.

Uncovering Substance Use in Families: A Child Welfare Lens

The purpose of the 2018 Fauri Conference, “Uncovering substance use in families: A Child Welfare Lens” is to draw attention to the ongoing and growing concern in child welfare focused on families affected by parental substance use. As states expand their child protection laws to address aspects of parental substance use, a number of anticipated and unanticipated consequences have emerged, especially in addressing this pervasive and enduring challenge and implications for child safety, stability and promotion of child well-being. This Conference is designed to share research and insights from medicine, the courts, and parent / former foster child perspectives. The Conference will also describe current activities designed to promote healthy families. This year’s Conference is particularly rooted in an inclusive awareness that takes into account our multicultural society and the need for inter-disciplinary collaboration.

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