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School of Social Work Research Publications for Matthew Bakko

  1. Richards-Schuster, K., Wernick, L., Henderson, M., Bakko, M., Rodriguez, M., & Moore, E. (2021). Engaging youth voices to address racial disproportionality in schools: Exploring the practice and potential of youth participatory research in an urban district. Children and Youth Services Review, 122, 105715.
  2. Seelman K. L., Kattari, S. K., Harvey, P., & Bakko, M. (2021). Trans men’s access to knowledgeable providers and experience in health care settings: Differences by demographics, mental health and degree of being “out” to providers. Health and Social Work, 45(4), 229-239.
  3. Kattari, S. K., Curley, K. M., Bakko, M., & Misiolek, B. A. (2020). Response to “Opportunities missed: Commentary on ‘Development and Validation of the Trans-Inclusive Provider Scale (TIPS)’. American Journal of Preventative Medicine, 59(1), E28-E30.
  4. Kattari, S. K., Grange, J., Bakko, M., Seelman, K., & Harner, V. (2020). Distance traveled to access knowledgeable trans-related health care providers. The Annals of LGBTQ Public and Population Health, 1(2), 83-95.
  5. Kattari, S. K., Bakko, M., Langenderfer-Magruder, L., & Holloway, B. (2020). Transgender and nonbinary experiences of victimization in healthcare. Journal of Interpersonal Violence.
  6. Bakko, M., & Kattari, S. K. (2020). Transgender-related insurance denials as barriers to transgender healthcare: Differences in experience by insurance type. Journal of General Internal Medicine, 35, 1693-1700.
  7. Bakko, M., Kattari, L, & O’Brien, R. (2020). TNB-affirming policy: Current landscape, issues, and change practices. In S. K. Kattari, M. K. Kinney, L. Kattari, & N. E. Walls (Eds.), Social Work and Health Care Practice with Transgender and Nonbinary Individuals and Communities (pp. 286-300). Routledge.
  8. Kattari, S. K., Curley, K., Bakko, M., & Misiolek, B. A. (2020). Development and validation of the Transgender Inclusive Provider Scale (TIPS). American Journal of Preventive Medicine, 58(5), 707-714.
  9. Kattari, S. K., Bakko, M., Hecht H. K., & Kattari, L. (2020). Correlations between provider interactions and mental health among transgender and nonbinary adults. Social Science and Medicine: Population Health, 10, 100525.
  10. Kattari, S. K., Bakko, M., Hecht H., & Kinney, M. K. (2020). Intersecting experiences of healthcare denials among transgender and nonbinary patients. American Journal of Preventative Medicine, 58(4), 506-513.
  11. Bakko, M. (2019). The effect of survival economy participation on transgender experiences of service provider discrimination. Sexuality Research and Social Policy, 16(3), 268-277.
  12. Bakko, M. (2019). Protecting and expanding control: A philanthropy's negotiation of welfare system change during the war on poverty. Social Service Review, 93(4), 764-803.
  13. Bakko, M., & Kattari, S. K. (2019). Differential access to transgender inclusive insurance and healthcare in the United States: Challenges to health across the life course. Journal of Aging and Social Policy.
  14. Bakko, M., & McBride, A. M. (2017). University social responsibility and civic learning: Outcomes assessment and community partnership. In D. Shek & R. Hollister (eds.), University Social Responsibility: Concepts and Experiences in the Global World. Springer: Singapore.
  15. Bakko, M., & Merz, S. (2015). Towards an affective turn in social science research? Theorising affect, rethinking Methods and (re)envisioning the social. Graduate Journal of Social Science, 11(1), 7-14.
  16. Phillips, A., Peterson, S., Bakko, M., & Clark, T. (2011). The use of in-class growth groups in predominantly white classrooms to promote cultural competencies. Journal of Baccalaureate Social Work, 16(2), 35-54.

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