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Section 4.03.07: Grading Procedures

The final grade of Satisfactory (S), Marginal (M), or Unsatisfactory (U) is determined by the assigned field faculty and based on the following sources and documents:
 The student’s Educational Agreement Form. The development and initial submission of the Educational Agreement for review by the field faculty. Grades will be assigned utilizing the points earned on the Practice Behavior ratings (see table).

SW 515 Foundation Field Education Grading Scale: See SW 515 syllabus.

SW 691 Advanced Field Education Grading Scale: See SW 691 syllabus.

If students are required to be enrolled in SW 691 simultaneously with enrollment in SW 515, students are required to create 3 additional assignments and focus on developing proficiency within the student’s practice method concentration and the advanced practice behaviors. Please see course syllabi for more information.

Points received for SW 691 assignments are not included in the grade computation for SW 515.

The field instructor’s written narrative at the end of the student’s placement regarding the student’s performance.
• Records, reports, logs, and other written materials produced by the student.
• Verbal assessments of specific aspects of the student's performance provided by the field instructor and/or secondary field instructor during the site visit and other times, as well as input from other fieldwork personnel involved in field education.
The student’s professional behavior in the fieldwork setting. Students are required to:
• Maintain appropriate professional behaviors such as attendance, time management, meeting deadlines, professional appearance, and professional demeanor at all times.
• Maintain open relationships with the Field Instructor(s), the Field Faculty, their colleagues, client groups, the community, the School of Social Work, and learn to give and receive constructive feedback.
• Exhibit personal responsibility, accountability and the ability to collaborate, and follow through on commitments.
• Demonstrate active listening, professional communication (oral and written) that is timely, responsible, expressed in a sensitive manner and exhibits self-awareness and self-correction.
• The final evaluation and submission of the Educational Agreement form including completing Tab 3 End of Term section. The final evaluation should be shared with the student so that a discussion can ensue regarding identified strengths and areas for improvement as the student moves forward towards graduation.
The Online Educational Agreement must be completed by the stated deadline.
Missing this deadline could impact the student’s grade.

Please remember that the assigned field faculty is available for consultation throughout the student’s experience so please either call or e-mail them if you have questions!

Practice Behavior Rating Scale: Please see SW 515 and SW 691 course syllabi.

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