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Section 4.01.08: Bloom's Taxonomy

The Office of Field Education utilizes Bloom’s Taxonomy to assist the student and the Field Instructor in thinking about how people acquire knowledge. This model provides a framework for the student to increase both the depth and breadth of their knowledge and learning progress each term. By increasing the complexity of their assignments over time, students will build their skill sets and develop the knowledge base necessary for a beginning level master’s social worker. This helps the student move from a position of dependence to a position of increasing independence over time. The six learning domains defined in Bloom’s Taxonomy are knowledge, comprehension, application, analysis, synthesis, and evaluation (Forehand, 2005). Each term in the field, the student will complete an Educational Agreement that utilizes these domains in order to assist them in building their skills in the field setting. It is also used to help the student understand how to integrate classroom knowledge while applying field-based skills as the goal is to integrate learning.

Please review this website for additional information about Bloom’s Taxonomy:

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