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Section 4.01.04: Goals of Field Placement

Graduates of the school are expected to be able to apply knowledge and skills of a generalist/foundation social work perspective to practice with systems of all sizes, and apply knowledge and skills of advanced social work practice in their chosen practice method concentration and practice area. In addition to assisting in developing skills that are transferable from one setting to another, the School is committed to providing a field experience in which the student can develop a professional identity.

Advanced field education builds on foundation field education in that students will have exposure to a variety of different roles and skills in foundation fieldwork. In advanced field education, they (1) focus on their practice method concentration and practice area, and (2) have more opportunities to apply their skills in a greater variety of circumstances, in greater depth and breadth over a sustained period of time. Field placements typically occur in a fieldwork site under the direct supervision of an approved and credentialed field instructor. Students are assigned to a field placement based on their method and area of practice. Students in field placement are usually placed in the fieldwork site for a minimum of two consecutive terms.

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