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Section 3.09.06: Field Instructor Narrative

In the last term of placement, field instructors are required to submit a written narrative. This final narrative should focus on summarizing the student’s performance over the course of the placement related to how the field instructor perceives them as thinking and performing like a social worker. Students have worked to attain proficiency in competencies found on the online Educational Agreement. The six professional competence domains listed below (Bogo, Marion. (2010). Achieving competence in social work through field education. Toronto, CA: University of Toronto, Press, Inc.) have been established to assist the field instructor in writing the narrative which is a reflection on the student’s overall performance as a developing professional. The bullets illustrate/describe the attributes for each domain. This feedback should, in the field instructor’s own words, reflect their opinion about the student’s capacity to use and/or transfer their knowledge, skills, abilities, attitudes, and values into action in the domains listed below:

1. Personal Qualities: The field instructor's perception of the student's
- motivation
- time management abilities
- independence
- energy
- commitment
- flexibility
- adaptability
- accountability

2. Behavior in the Organization: The field instructor's perception of the student's
- recognize the importance of context
- work in an organization with rules, procedures, and a hierarchy
- carry out basic procedures of role
- use strong communication skills (verbal and written)
- entertain perspectives of others in a respectful manner ability

Approach to Learning: The field instructor's perception of the student's
- engage in the learning process
- initiate, seek out, and learn
- generalize learning
- create an approach using knowledge and skill
- seek appropriate consultation
- be self-directed

Conceptualization of Practice: The field instructor's perception of the student's
- identify the values, principles and ideas that underlie judgments and actions
- use analytical and critical thinking skills
- use theories and approaches consistent with social work knowledge
- make sound ethical decisions and has a clear understanding of the value base of social work

Relational Abilities: The field instructor's perception of the student's
- exhibits appropriate empathy
- connects, supports, collaborates as well as confronts and challenges appropriately
- manages professional boundaries

Quality of Relationships: The field instructor's perception of the student's
- engage and form relationships with variety of personnel
- build alliances
- work with diverse populations
- be receptive to and able to apply feedback
- reflect on practice and exhibit self-awareness

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